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Greetings, all!

Just discovered the fun that is this community, and thought I'd make a contribution. :) Also, for the record, I'm digging all the Himmler love around here.

That being said, I come bearing icons and banners of the Hitler + Himmler sort.

A few of these might be subtexty, if you squint and cross your eyes right. I apologize.

+ 9 Icons, 3 Banners (Hitler + Himmler) +

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Comment and credit if taking anything.

*runs off to hide in the bunker*
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Well, hey:

I've been wanting to share this with people, and I figure you guys will appreciate it. :<

I hope nobody else has posted it...

It's a big toothy grin! :D

It makes me happy for some reason.  The description, as I remember, said it was Heydrich, and if it is him, well, that's the happiest I've ever seen him look.  <strike>I didn't add the LOL!, I found this.</strike>